Guidelines to select the registration fee 

  • If you are Oral Presenter or as a Poster presenter you should register as a delegate/student.
  • If you are a listener you should register as an attendee.
  • However if you cannot participate but still would want to present at the 3rd International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle ’19 
  • You can select the virtual presenter
  • The registration fee is based on your citizenship, not nationality.


Please go through the following table before you register. We have structured a comprehensive price table for providing you with the best returns from the conference.

If you are unsure about the category you belong to please contact our organizing committee for more details.

If you are presenting more than one paper,

The Author can present only three papers in maximum. If you are presenting more than one paper at the conference;
  • You have to pay the full amount for the first paper.
  • If other papers are oral or poster, then you have to pay additional 100USD for each paper.
  • Confirmation on the number of papers should be given to the Conference Secretary two weeks prior to the final payment deadline.
  • If you have more than 3 papers, the additional paper can be presented by another group of Co – Authors on full registration.

Registration Fee Table

3rd International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle ’19
Early bird Payment Deadline
07th August 2019
Final Payment Deadline 
03rd October 2019
On Site Payment 
Delegate USD 520 USD 550 USD 600
Student USD 485 USD 520 USD 550
Non Presenter USD 475
Delegate USD 460 USD 485 USD 530
Student USD 440 USD 460 USD 490
Non Presenter USD 450
International (Presenter) USD 470 USD 490 USD 530
International (Non Presenter) USD 450
Thai (Presenter) USD 425 USD 440 USD 465
Thai (Non Presenter) USD 425
Live Video Presentation
Delegate USD 250
Student USD 230
Delegate USD 200
Student USD 150
Thai USD 100

Group, Co-authors and Discount

You are eligible for discounted rate on the registration fee if you are a group of 5 persons and/or more or a co-author of a paper presentation. If your group comprises of more than 10 people please contact our organizing committee for higher percentage on the discount rate.