The primary objective of the 3rd International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle ’19 is to bring together professionals in the field of Food Science and Nutrition from around the globe with the intention of encouraging and transforming newest knowledge on sustainable food and nutritional consumption and lifestyles, providing them with adequate information through standards. The objective of the conference is aligned with the conference theme “Emerging Trends in Nutrition and Food Science”




Other than the main objective the 3rd International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle ’19 is designed for the career development of all the participants in many ways. The conference has been designed by the TIIKM Research and Development team together with many experts. Nutricon 2019 intends to disseminate knowledge on writing scientific papers and scholarly publications to assist future researchers through the publication workshop.  All conference participants are welcome to participate in this workshop. The conference will provide a key platform for the development of researchers with international and diversified knowledge and experiences, enhancing the quality decision making of policymakers and promoting the highest utilization of research knowledge.




This unique networking opportunities that we extend to our speakers and attendees is not being offered by any other conferences. Nutricon 2019 provides you with the opportunity to network and build connections with people who have shared interests and set the foundation for a long term relationship.




Overall Nutricon’19 conference is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption and the conference will be a significant part of achieving SDG’s to make our earth a better place for everyone.


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